Guide - My guide to Enderman Slayer (I recommend reading if you are stuck with t2's) (2024)


Guide to t1 Enderman Slayers:
As this boss has 300,000 health, any weapon that deals 50,000-300,000 damage is more than viable for this slayer.
As I'm sure you know, the Malevolent Hitshield, is a phase in all the bosses where it does the most damage (because in the later on bosses there are more inner phases in this phase)
For the t1 boss, the life drain that is emitted in this phase is not enough to warrant summons as the 'Soulcry' ability can remove this phase in about 3-4 hits as the ferocity will proc twice per hit and 11/3 is 3.6(r) so we can round to 4 hits. (Note: if you cannot deal the amount of damage i specified, you probably don't have the level of Armor needed for the ehp for this boss)
As of pets, Obviously I recommend the Ender Dragon pet as it's perk of 30% increased damage to end mobs as well as the damage you do to start with you should probably 1 hit this boss. (To be Honest a pet is really not needed for this boss)

Guide to t2 Enderman slayer:
As this boss has a larger Hitshield you probably could just about do this shield with a katana of some sort (excluding "walker as it doesn't have the Soulcry ability). However I recommend an item with the 'Raise souls Ability' as these 'summons', or 'minions' will fly through the hit phase. For these summons, these mobs don't need to deal damage so tank zombies or M1 Undeads as perfect for this as they have lots of health even if they don't deal much damage.
Also these mobs cost a lot of mana to summon so I recommend having a mana set in your Wardrobe such as necrotic Wise Dragon Armor or necrotic Necromancer Lord. After this you should be using at least 3/4ths Necron and a Wardens (Alternatively you can use reaper mask for healing if you are struggling), you should have at least an ender artefact and/or an ender relic if you don't have one and/or the other, you will greatly struggle.
As of healing must haves aka you will die if you don't use these are the wand of atonement (red Zombie Slayer 7) and/or (optional) a Wither Blade with the Wither Impact or Wither Shield ability (i want to say again this is NOT necessary).
As of pets, you must have either a baby yeti or an ender dragon, end of story, if you use any other pets you will probably die (use blue whale if you cant afford a yeti and you already have the whale)
As of summoning the boss I recommend not a must use; are the Mythic Enderman and the Legendary Wolf pets.
As of weapons, you need a weapon that deals at least 750k per hit other wise you WILL struggle with this and higher bosses personally I recommend the Recombobulated, One for all Fabled Giants Sword, if you use this with an ability swap from the void edge/vorpal katana you should be able to do this boss
During this boss fight he will occasionally hold a beacon for 2 seconds, prior it will throw the beacon, you have 5 seconds to move to it and stand by it and it will disappear, if you fail to do this you will die Instantly.
Use every tip from the previous boss to this as well.

Guide to t3 Enderman slayer:
Use the summons from the t2, Use the Armor to summon them, use the same pets and weapon however in this boss I recommend using the vorpal katana, and/or ability swap from the Giant's sword. You should try to not use Final Destination Armor at this phase, integrate pieces if you are struggling, if you are struggling in damage, you can use an elegant tuxedo chest plate. Bear in mind, you will need an ender relic AND artefact to do this boss, I Strongly Recommend that you use ender dragon here, however you can use yeti.
Now in this fight it will do the Yang Glyphs as well as the Nukekubi Fixations, these are heads that you are supposed to 'Look at' however you can punch them and it works the same. Don't worry just do the same thing with the occasional punch of the head, do these until you can use atom split.

Guide to t4 Enderman slayer:
Follow all tips from before however you should use ender dragon however I have seen people do this with a yeti. You should be able to use wardens with a tux chest plate and 2/4ths Necron at this point. You should use atom split to damage the boss, doing about 2-4mill damage per hit, other than this, do everything from before, you don't need a giants sword at this point. In fact I recommend selling it and buying an atom split katana.
Now, the BHR (Broken Heart Radiation) is the most deadly of the intra-Hitshield phase phases, it will constantly be throwing beacons and popping up heads but now it will make 4 beams which decrease your healing by 12% and it will remove 25% of your health per hit so don't get hit xD, to do this i recommend that you have god pot active so you can jump over the beams.

With all this information I hope you know how to do Enderman slayers now.
This should help.
Thank you for reading.

Guide - My guide to Enderman Slayer (I recommend reading if you are stuck with t2's) (2024)
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