Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Which Skills Should You Get First? (2024)

As you progress through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you'll unlock various skill trees focusing on different aspects of your character, Wolf. In these first few hours, it might be difficult to choose where to spend your precious Skill Points, especially as more trees open up to you as you continue through the game. To give you an idea of which skills you should unlock early on, we've put together this quick guide. Read on to learn what to obtain first, and what each of them does.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Which skills to unlock at the beginning

Below, we'll be talking you through a few good starting points to work towards on your skill trees. Get out there and earn some Skill Points!

Mikiri Counter - Shinobi Arts

Skill Points Required: 2

One of the first skills you can get, the Mikiri Counter is an incredibly useful move to unlock early on. It allows you to very effectively deal with dangerous thrust attacks, usually from enemies carrying spears. Just before the attack connects, press circle and move towards the enemy, and Wolf will stomp down on the weapon. This deals a lot of damage to posture, and will likely allow you to follow up with a killing blow. This is one technique you'll want to get the hang of from the offset.

Suppress Presence - Shinobi Arts

Skill Points Required: 2

You can unlock this passive ability after first earning the aforementioned Mikiri Counter. It simply makes you harder to detect when you're in stealth. It's not a particularly exciting choice, but enemies have eagle eyes, so making yourself more difficult to see when sneaking around definitely comes in handy. This skill will make busy areas that little bit more manageable.

Mid-air Deflection - Shinobi Arts

Skill Points Required: 1

Deflecting attacks is an absolute must in Sekiro, but before you obtain this skill, you'll be left pretty open while you're in mid-air. You'll find yourself off the ground a fair amount thanks to the jump and grappling hook, so being able to deflect attacks from the air is a useful ability to have. It's particularly useful against guns and other projectiles, which deal extra damage if you're airborne.

Breath of Life: Light - Shinobi Arts

Skill Points Required: 5

You'll have to work a little harder for this one, but it's definitely worth the effort. This skill allows you to gain back some health after you perform a Shinobi Death Blow of any kind. Early on in the game, you don't have much of a health bar and your Healing Gourd will only have a few uses, so Breath of Life: Light is a godsend while you're still getting used to deflecting attacks. You'll need to have the skills Whirlwind Slash and A Shinobi's Karma: Body in order to reach it in the skill tree, but it's worth it.

Chasing Slice - Prosthetic Arts

Skill Points Required: 1

The first skill on the Prosthetic Arts skill tree is a good one. Chasing Slice allows you to follow up a shuriken with a dash forward and a sweeping swing of your katana. Immediately after you fire a shuriken, press R1 to perform Chasing Slice. It's a good way to close distance and interrupt an enemy winding up an attack.

Grappling Hook Attack - Prosthetic Arts

Skill Points Required: 1

This one is also at the very start of its skill tree, but it definitely comes in handy. Though it's not usable on every enemy, this skill will let you launch yourself towards your foe when the green prompt appears, and is a good way to deal some quick posture damage. Pressing R1 as you reach your enemy will deal a few sword swipes for good measure. Again, this isn't something you can use all the time, but it's an important skill for certain baddies.

Emma's Medicine: Potency - Prosthetic Arts

Skill Points Required: 4

Another simple one, but very useful to have. You'll need to save up a few Skill Points, but the reward is a Healing Gourd with increased effectiveness. The more health you can replenish with each use, the better, right?

Ascending/Descending Carp - Ashina Arts

Skill Points Required: 2 (Ascending), 1 (Descending)

The Ashina Arts skill tree opens up a little later on, but it has some very important skills to learn. Two latent skills called Ascending Carp and Descending Carp are great to have. The former means you'll deal more posture damage when you successfully deflect an attack, and the latter provides a few seconds after deflection when your opponent's posture is weakened. Having either of these skills will definitely be advantageous, but having both is a posture-smashing combination.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Which Skills Should You Get First? (2024)
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