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This colorful Minion Valentine Box is a super cute idea for collecting Valentine’s Day cards at school. Easy to make with just a few budget friendly craft supplies, it’s a fun craft that both boys and girls will love!

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Originally published February 2019

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is helping my girls make their Valentine’s Day boxes! They always come up with great ideas and we’ve made everything from a Harry Potter valentine box to Sponge Bob valentine boxes and even an adorable Baby Yoda valentine box!

I love sharing my Valentine Boxes on Sarasota’s Suncoast View each year, so I’m always looking for new ideas!

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Since TV and movie characters are always so much fun, I thought a Minion’s Valentine’s Day Box would be perfect! It’s a great project for little Minion lovers and older children should even be able to make one on their own.

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Minion Valentine Box

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This Minion Valentine's Day Box will be the star of the show at your child's class party! It's an easy valentine craft that everyone will love!



  • Cover your cereal box with the yellow paper.

    Minion Valentine Box (4)

  • Cut a hole in the back of the box (or the top of the box) with a box cutter or X-acto knife (this may be a job for mom or dad). Be sure to make it wide enough to slip the cards through.

    Minion Valentine Box (5)

  • Cut out three sets of circles. I traced everyday objects to make them…mason jar lids for large white circles (but you can also just use a glass), a shot glass for the brown circles and a quarter for the small black ones.

    Minion Valentine Box (6)

  • Glue the eyes on onto the cereal box. Add small dots of white craft foam (or white paper) to the black part of the minion's eye to create a reflection.

    Minion Valentine Box (7)

  • To make the minions goggles, use hot glue to glue mason jar lids over the eyes. Be sure the lids come together in the middle. If you don’t have mason jar lids, you can roll up some aluminum foil (like a snake), then curve it into two circles and use them instead.

    Minion Valentine Box (8)

  • Use a ruler to make a strip of black craft foam about 1" wide for a goggle strap.

    Minion Valentine Box (9)

  • Measure the distance around the sides and cut the strips to the length you need. You can go all the way around the box or just cover the sides. You’ll also want to cut one end of each strip slightly curved in order to fit around the mason jar lids

    Minion Valentine Box (10)

  • Glue the strips to the box.

    Minion Valentine Box (11)

  • Cut a black piece for the mouth and white pieces for the teeth.

    Minion Valentine Box (12)

  • I found the easiest way to do the teeth was to glue them in position, then trim the extra parts off afterwards.

    Minion Valentine Box (13)

  • Glue the mouth to the Minion's face.

    Minion Valentine Box (14)

  • Cut your Minion's overalls out of blue craft foam. You can usethis tracerto make it easier but you may have to adjust it slightly if you used a different sized box than I did.

    Minion Valentine Box (15)

  • Use a marker to make the “logo” in the middle of the overalls. I found it easiest to make a circle first, then add a diamond in the middle.

    Minion Valentine Box (16)

  • Your finished logo will look something like this.

    Minion Valentine Box (17)

  • Glue the overalls to the cereal box.

    Minion Valentine Box (18)

  • Now all that's left is to collect those Valentine cards!

    Minion Valentine Box (19)


  • Drawing a perfect circle can be tricky, especially when you need two the same size. I find everyday objects around the house, such as shot glasses, drinking glasses, etc to trace circles for crafts.
  • If you don’t have craft foam, you can use construction paper instead.

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Minion Valentine Box (2024)


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