Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.1 - Chocolate Factory, Hoppity’s Hunt, and more! (2024)

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Welcome to Hypixel SkyBlock Patch 0.20.1. Today’s update has plenty of things in store, featuring Hoppity’s Hunt and Chocolate Factory, a follow-up patch for Glacite Tunnels, some long-awaited Dark Auction changes, and much more!

Read on to find out more about this release.

Hoppity’s Egg Hunt

On April 1st, 2022, we added a Cookie Clicker to the in-game Booster Cookie menu. Last year, we improved it, and this year, we’ve decided to integrate it officially into the game's progression.

Hoppity is a new NPC that will appear each in-game year during the Spring season, located under the mountain at the Carrot Cave.

Hop around some Public Islands to locate Hoppity's lost friends by collecting Chocolate Rabbit Eggs!

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There are 3 different types of Chocolate Eggs, each of which will respawn at a different location every in-game day. Chocolate Eggs are not limited to one single player! You can share the joy of egg hunting with everyone in the lobby, so sharing the location of any Chocolate Eggs you find is encouraged! Opening an egg will reward you with a random Rabbit that gives you perks towards your Chocolate Factory.

There are many, many Rabbits to find. Each unique one you unlock will increase the production of Hoppity’s Chocolate Factory.

The Chocolate Factory

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The Chocolate Factory is an upgraded version of the Cookie Clicker minigame, which was previously available through the Booster Cookie menu. Your objective in the Chocolate Factory is to produce as much Chocolate as possible with lots of clicking and purchasing upgrades to help you increase your production each second. As your Chocolate production increases, you will be able to unlock many more items, upgrades, and eventually prestige your Chocolate Factory!

To access the Chocolate Factory, you can visit Hoppity in the Hub, or through the Calendar and Events menu in your SkyBlock Menu.

With the Chocolate you earn, aside from purchasing Chocolate Factory upgrades, prestiges, and more, you can use it to purchase items from the Chocolate Shop. This is a permanent shop that contains items you can purchase based on your Chocolate earned and your Chocolate Factory’s Prestige.

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Designer’s Notes

While this is mostly an idle game, clicking is not intended to be the main gameplay element; thus clicking will only offer a few upgrades and will cap at a very low tier.

You might notice that gameplay in the Chocolate Factory runs out before you can achieve a prestige. We understand that some players might prefer playing the idle game by itself, but this is not just any idle game. It’s part of Hypixel SkyBlock’s economy, and its ultimate goal is linked to the Chocolate Shop.

We hope the Chocolate Eggs will be an exciting addition to the game and that you’ll have fun with the Chocolate Factory!

Depending on the success of the Chocolate Factory, this minigame may receive a multitude of extra features in future updates.

When is the Chocolate Factory opening?

You will be able to access Hoppity’s Hunt and the Chocolate Factory as soon as Early Spring of SkyBlock Year 346, which is a couple of days after the release of this post.

The cookies you earned from the previous iterations of the now defunct Cookie Clicker minigame will be converted into Chocolate, and will be waiting for you in the Chocolate Factory on its grand opening!

Dark Auction Changes

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After hosting over 40,000 Dark Auctions, Sirius has been hard at work to modernize and enhance the Dark Auction with the many billions of coins he has accumulated from you all. As a result, the Dark Auction has been renovated and its server capacity has been increased to accommodate as many of you as possible! Sirius has also sourced some new items that will be available in the Dark Auction’s item pool starting from today.

NEW! Magic 8 Ball

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Sirius noticed many players running around the Hub that weren’t sure how to spend their time, so he invented the Magic 8 Ball! At the beginning of every new SkyBlock Year, this item will pick from one of its possible buffs, and give those indecisive players a nudge in a direction chosen by the Magic 8 Ball itself!

NEW! Sirius' Personal Phone Number

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If you asked Sirius, he’d tell you that if the price was right, he’d happily sell his own soul. Unable to do that, he has instead decided to sell his own phone number to whoever is willing to pay him the most! Players who obtain this item may add Sirius as an Abiphone Contact and will receive 1% of their money back on all future Dark Auction purchases, so long as Sirius is in their Contacts Directory.

Other Dark Auction Changes

  • Modernized the Dark Auction build.
  • 2x as many servers are now allocated to Dark Auction events, allowing more players to enter.
    • This is increased to 3x as many servers during Scorpius’ mayorship.
  • Adjusted Dark Auction structure and added 1 additional round.
    • OLD: Item, Book, Item, Flower Minion.
    • NEW: Item, Book, Item, Item, Flower Minion.
  • Adjusted Darker Auction (Scorpius) structure and added 1 additional round.
    • OLD: Item, Book, Item, Book, Plasma Nucleus/Hegemony Artifact, Flower Minion, Midas Staff.
    • NEW: Item, Book, Item, Book, Item, Plasma Nucleus/Hegemony Artifact, Flower Minion, Midas Staff.
  • Adjusted the weights of some items in the Dark Auction loot table, a list of which can be found below:
ItemOld WeightNew Weight
Ender Artifact1224
Wither Artifact1224
Dark Purple Dye0.030.15
Magic 8 BallN/A12
Sirius’ Personal Phone NumberN/A12

Glacite Tunnels Changes

The Glacite Tunnels have been home to adventurers for over a week now, and in that time we’ve put together a brief follow-up patch to make quality-of-life and gameplay improvements.

Glacite Golem Pet

The Glacite Golem is a new pet that is unlocked at Glacite IX. Requiring a large amount of Glacite and Gemstones to craft, it’s tailored towards mining in the Glacite Mineshafts and increasing the amount of Glacite Powder gained from most sources.

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Cold Rework

When the Glacite Tunnels released, Cold was a relatively simple stat - for every 1 Cold the player has, their Mining Speed will be slowed by 0.5%, meaning at 99 cold the player has their Mining Speed decreased by 49.5% of its normal value.

This new rework to the Cold system aims to make the stat a bit more interactive, giving players the opportunity to entire negate the Mining Speed Penalty if they’re prepared enough:

  • If your Cold Resistance is greater than your Cold, your Mining Speed won't be affected by your Cold at all!
  • If your Cold is greater than your Cold Resistance, your Mining Speed will be reduced by 0.5% for every 1 Cold above your Cold Resistance value.
  • This means if you have more than 100 Cold Resistance, your Mining Speed will NEVER be affected by the Mining Speed Penalty!

If any of this is a bit difficult to understand, find the Cold Enjoyer NPC near the Dwarven Base Camp for a more in-depth explanation!

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Mineshaft Pity

Mineshafts can currently be quite varying in nature, with some spawning in 2 minutes and others in 20. The Mineshaft Pity System intends to prevent long, dry streaks so that players can spend less time searching for mineshafts and more time in them.

  • When mining a block capable of spawning a Mineshaft, an invisible counter is now stored on the player. The value of this counter determines how likely a player is to get a Mineshaft.
  • This counter starts at 2,000, meaning the player has a 1/2000 chance of spawning a Mineshaft. Each time the player mines a block, their chance of spawning a Mineshaft increases, depending upon the quality of the block broken.
    • Gemstones, Glacite, Umber and Tungsten have a quality of 4.
    • Mithril has a quality of 2.
    • Titanium has a quality of 8.
      • The quality of the block mined is subtracted from your current counter. For example:
      • The base counter is 1/2000.
      • Breaking a Mithril block will improve the counter to 1/1998.
      • Breaking a Titanium block after this will further improve it to 1/1990.
        • This counter will continue to go down with each block break until you enter or spawn a Mineshaft, which will cause it to reset back to 1/2000.

Other Glacite Tunnels Changes

  • Changed the Mining Helix Emblems to show off the amount of commissions you've completed.
  • Changed Umber, Tungsten, and Glacite to now require 3 base fuel to mine.
  • Changed the Portable Campfire to remove 50 Cold instead of 15, also reduced the time between being able to place them.
  • Changed Glacite Mutt, Glacite Caver, Glacite Mage, and Glacite Bowman to drop 50 Glacite Powder on kill.
  • Changed the Frozen Corpse chat breakdown to now include the type of corpse.
  • Changed Mineshaft portals to now stick around for up to 30 seconds.
  • Changed Suspicious Scrap to drop a max of 5 times per Mineshaft, but heavily reduced the chance of a Scrap containing a fossil.

  • Changed the drops from Frozen Corpses to no longer condense in chat.
  • Changed Reaper Peppers to now grant +1 Cold Resistance in addition to their previous effect.
  • Changed Abiphones to now be usable in the Glacite Tunnels.
  • Adjusted the max party size that can warp into a Glacite Mineshaft to 4.
  • Adjusted some forge times:
    • Glacite Amalgamations now take 1 hour to forge.
    • Refined Umber + Refined Tungsten now take 1 hour to forge.
    • Umber Plates + Tungsten Plates now take 3 hours to forge.
    • Perfect Plates now take 6 hours to forge.
    • Bejeweled Handles now take 30 seconds to forge.
  • Adjusted Frozen Corpses to now give a base amount of Glacite Powder + HOTM EXP when looted:
    • Lapis: 500 Glacite Powder, 100 HOTM EXP
    • Tungsten / Umber: 5,000 Glacite Powder, 1,000 HOTM EXP
    • Vanguard: 25,000 Glacite Powder, 5,000 HOTM EXP
  • Adjusted Umber, Tungsten, and Glacite collections - items now unlock earlier on in these collections.
  • Adjusted the Penguin Pet’s max sea creature chance from 30 to 10.
  • Adjusted the Mole Pet and Goblin Pet to receive magic find as a base stat.
  • Adjusted the stats granted by the Shiny Prism reforge, swapping the mining fortune and intelligence values.
  • Adjusted the Peak of the Mountain lore to be slightly more readable.
  • Adjusted the Shattered Locket item lore.
  • Adjusted the Ascension Rope to now work in the Glacite Mineshafts- it will give the bonus rewards as if you used the Exit Portal.
  • Adjusted the Relic of Power Recipe.
  • Adjusted the Dwarven Handwarmers Recipe.
  • Adjusted Fossil Excavator, Umber & Tungsten Corpse, and Vanguard Corpse loot tables:
    • The Fossil Excavator loot table now contains significantly less Glacite Powder, though the possible Gemstone drops have been buffed.
    • The Umber and Tungsten Corpse loot table has had the weight of each Gemstone Crystal increased by 150%.
    • The Vanguard Corpse loot table has been extensively rewritten to have better rewards. The new table can be observed below:
ItemAmountAverage Chance (6.5 rolls)
Flawless Onyx Gemstone119.81%
Flawless Citrine Gemstone119.81%
Flawless Peridot Gemstone119.81%
Flawless Aquamarine Gemstone119.81%
Suspicious Scrap129.72%
Bejeweled Handle129.72%
Glacite Powder2400-480059.43%
Glacite Powder4800-960039.62%
Glacite Powder9600-1440019.81%
Glacite Powder14400-216009.91%
Blue Goblin Egg129.72%
Blue Goblin Egg214.86%
Refined Umber219.81%
Refined Tungsten219.81%
Refined Mithril219.81%
Refined Titanium219.81%
Glacite Amalgamation219.81%
Glacite Amalgamation49.91%
Mithril Plate17.92%
Umber Plate19.91%
Tungsten Plate19.91%
Umber Key124.76%
Umber Key219.81%
Umber Key44.95%
Tungsten Key124.76%
Tungsten Key219.81%
Tungsten Key44.95%
Ice Cold I Enchanted Book129.72%
Opal Crystal19.91%
Ruby Crystal19.91%
Jasper Crystal19.91%
Onyx Crystal19.91%
Citrine Crystal19.91%
Peridot Crystal19.91%
Aquamarine Crystal19.91%
Skeleton Key12.38%
Shattered Pendant10.79%
  • Adjusted the recipes of several items:
    • Umber Key
    • Tungsten Key
    • Glacite Amalgamation
    • Dwarven Metal Talisman
    • Dwarven Handwarmers
    • Reinforced Chisel
    • Relic of Power
  • Adjusted the chances of spawning a Mineshaft containing a Gemstone Crystal (when possible) from 10% to 25%.
  • Adjusted the Skeleton Key to only work on Vanguard Corpses as a result of some unfortunate events.
  • Adjusted the location of the Fossil Pets in the SkyBlock Leveling guide.
  • Adjusted the Campfire in the Dwarven Base Camp to reduce Cold over time instead of instantly.
    • The Campfire will remove about 20 cold per second while inside the Dwarven Base Camp zone.
  • Adjusted Tungsten Keychain to activate every 500 → 100 block breaks, renamed to Tungsten Regulator.
  • Adjusted ‘Mineshaft Explorer’ commission to complete when entering any Mineshaft as opposed to only when spawning one.
  • Adjusted the HOTM requirements of the following forge recipes to HOTM 7:
    • Travel Scroll to the Dwarven Base Camp
    • Umber Plate
    • Tungsten Plate
    • Refined Umber
    • Refined Tungsten
  • Added the Relic of Power to the SkyBlock Leveling guide.
  • Added rewards to Dr. Stone upon donating all desired fossils to her.
  • Added some Glacite Tunnels items to the Museum.
  • Added +1 Fossil Dust as a drop when mining Quartz Blocks or slabs inside a Glaite Mineshaft.
  • Added Aquamarine Gemstone Slots to the Auger Rod and Giant Rod.
  • Added an NPC sell price to all fossils.
  • Added Autopet rules for when you first start getting cold, and when you first start getting heat.
  • Added a Dwarven Emissary to the Dwarven Base Camp.
  • Added 1 new Glacite Tunnels commission that requires players to kill mobs while in Glacite Mineshafts.
  • Added information about how much scrap you've obtained in a Mineshaft to the General Info widget.
  • Added an animation to the Campfire in the Dwarven Base Camp.
  • Added title text that alerts the player when they spawn a Glacite Mineshaft.
  • Increased the amount of Glacite Powder you get from mining Glacite to 5/6/7.
  • Increased the rewards players receive upon leaving a Glacite Mineshaft.
    • In addition to a base amount of HOTM XP, players receive additional Glacite Powder depending upon cold endured, corpses looted, and suspicious scrap found.
  • Removed starter commissions from the Glacite Tunnels.
  • Renamed several NPC’s throughout the Glacite Tunnels.
  • Players who have reached the Dwarven Base Camp may now warp to the Crystal Hollows without needing to talk to Gwendolyn to renew their free pass.

Glacite Tunnels Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Paleontologist enchantment was additive instead of being multiplicative.
  • Fixed an issue where more players could join a Mineshaft than intended if some players in the party joined and left after the first minute.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get soft locked with only Mineshaft based commissions.
  • Fixed an issue causing mining fortune to apply to Suspicious Scrap when using certain perks and abilities.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Tactical Insertion to be used to reset the player’s cold and then teleport back into the Glacite Tunnels.
  • Fixed an issue causing Umber to not be mineable in some locations.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Great Ice Wall.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Phoenix Pet to prevent players from freezing to death in the Glacite Tunnels.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Hex to display the wrong perk for Gemstones on Chisels.

General Changes

Rift Transfer Change

You can now no longer place an item with modifiers into the Rift Exporter menu. This should prevent players from transferring items with valuable modifiers into The Rift and losing all the modifiers in the process.

NOTE: We are aware of an issue with certain items being wiped in The Rift when the update initially rolled. This issue has now been resolved. We are working on refunding items lost due to this incident.

RNG Meter Command Shortcut

We added the /rngmeter (/rng) command shortcut to quickly access RNG meters for Slayer Bosses and The Catacombs. This command is only accessible while you have a Booster Cookie active.

Running the command without any additional arguments opens up a menu that lets you select which RNG Meter you want to view.

View attachment 3310545

You can specify parameters for the RNG Meter command to quickly access a specific RNG Meter.

The syntax is /rngmeter <mode> <param>, with <param> depending on the mode type:

You can use “catacombs” or the shorthand “cata” to specify for the Catacombs RNG Meter. In this case, the additional parameter will be the floor number.

  • /rng catacombs 7 opens the RNG Meter for Floor 7.
  • /rng cata M4 opens the RNG meter for Master Mode Floor 4.

You can use “slayer” to specify for the Slayer RNG Meter. In this case, the additional parameter will be the slayer boss type/name.

  • /rng slayer zombie opens the RNG Meter for Zombie Slayer.

There are various aliases and shorthands for each slayer that can open up the same RNG Meter menu.

  • /rng slayer spider and /rng slayer tarantula both can open up the RNG Meter menu for Spider Slayer.

Other Changes

  • Added Epic and Legendary Enderman Pets to the Voidling Fanatic drop pool.
  • Added Pelt Belt to the museum.
  • Added Stuffed Chili Peppers to Large Enchanted Combat Sack.
  • Beacons on your private island now have unlimited range on their effects.
    • The beacon range upgrade has been removed as a result of this change.
  • Buffed Pet Cake XP from 1,000 > 10,000.
  • Changes have been made to the Enderman Slayer 9 perk:
    • Creatures with increased spawn chances are now classified as "Elusive".
    • Added Lord Jawbus, Scatha, Golden Jerry, Reindrake, and Diamond Goblin to the "Elusive" mobs with increased spawn chances.
  • Creeperlobbers and Creeperlobber Creepers now have a chance to drop gunpowder.
  • Hollow and Fervor armor have been changed as follows:
    • Hollow Armor
      • Removed Strength and Critical Defense from every piece/tier.
      • Increased HP and Defense of each piece by ~10%.
      • Added 5 Mending to each piece.
    • Fervor Armor
      • Added True Defense at base tier. (Helmet: 10, Chestplate: 16, Leggings: 14, Boots: 8).
  • Increased Derelict Ashe drops of a Tier 1 Blaze Slayer from 2-3 to 6-8.
  • Increased the Smoldering enchantment’s enchantment level requirement from 3 to 23.
  • Moved Sell Sacks and Sell Inventory icons in the Bazaar menu one slot forward.
  • Reduced Archaeologist's Compass cooldown from ~90s to a flat 5s.
  • Renamed mastery level of Archer Arrow skill to Archer Master to be consistent with others.
  • Renamed the 'Carrot Candies' section to 'Pet Candies' in the Bazaar.
    • Added Pet Cakes to this section.
    • Moved Chyme to this section.
  • The Fanged reforge has been buffed, as follows:
    • Added 2/3/4/6/8/10 Vitality to the reforge at each rarity (Common to Mythic) respectively.
    • Reforge now applicable to all swords (previously just Iron Sword).
  • The XP costs for resetting the Experimentation Table has been reduced:
    • Reset 1: 100 > 50 XP Levels.
    • Reset 2: 200 > 100 XP Levels.
    • Reset 3: 400 > 200 XP Levels.
  • When your flight from Magical Mushroom Soup ends, you will no longer take fall damage from the initial fall impact.

Bug Fixes

Combat Fixes​

  • Fixed an issue with Bestiary kills that causes players to gain much more kill credit than intended.
  • Fixed being able to skip certain phases of Slayer Bosses by dealing too much damage.
    • The player's damage is capped at the amount of damage it would take to activate the next phase.
    • Players can still get between phases in one damage hit, but they cannot skip past them anymore.

Farming Fixes​

  • Fixed a bug where vacuuming up pests puts the player in combat state.
  • Fixed an issue that didn't allow Jacob's Contest to be disabled from showing in the Events tablist widget.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect players are sent the offline pest message when visiting a Garden.
  • Fixed Atmospheric Filter's copper multiplier not applying to certain visitors.
  • Fixed Jacob's Farming Contest sending a message saying you surpassed your personal best when you tie it.
  • Fixed Souls Rebound being able to target Garden Pests.
  • Fixed the formatting of the Garden Desk button in the SkyBlock Menu.
  • Fixed the Garden Scythes not working on vines.
  • Fixed visitors that are RARE or LEGENDARY rarity not showing up in the Garden from offline spawning.

Mining Fixes​

  • Fixed an issue with too many forge slots being unlocked by default, rendering a HOTM forge slot upgrade obsolete.
  • Fixed Puzzler's solve message not accounting for HOTM powder buff perk.

Pet Fixes​

  • Fixed a bug regarding the Endermite Pet's Sacrificer perk that would calculate incorrect chances when rolling for bonus loot.
  • Fixed Grandma Wolf and other pets being categorized under the wrong rarity in Rusty.
  • Fixed the description of Scatha’s Gemstone Power pet perk incorrectly implying that it buffed powder gain from certain non-mining sources.
  • Fixed the Armadillo's Mobile Tank perk not dynamically updating your stats when the amount of defense you have changes.
  • Fixed Wisp Pets not awarding an extra pet score for being Level 100.
    • Different rarities of Wisp Pets will not award you multiple instances of extra pet score for being Level 100.

Misc. Fixes​

  • Fixed an issue where players could break a tree with a Treecapitator and level up a Promising tool when quickly switching to it.
  • Fixed Bazaar History showing claimed buy orders as claimed sell offers.
  • Fixed bits value on scoreboard showing a useless decimal place.
  • Fixed being able to permanently turn off Redstone Lamps in the Hub by shooting the button above them with a bow.
  • Fixed being able to unlock the Big Game Fisher achievement by killing a Level 1 Squid.
  • Fixed Enchanted Ancient Claws not being placeable in Personal Compactors.
  • Fixed George’s dialogue not mentioning the correct pet rarity when you give him a pet.
  • Fixed George incorrectly printing an error message multiple times under certain circ*mstances.
  • Fixed Jalapeno Books not showing as a modification for deployables in The Hex.
  • Fixed legacy Goblin mobs showing up in the Goblin bestiary.
  • Fixed Minion Hoppers showing unnecessary decimals in the item’s description.
  • Fixed NPC Buy Limit not being applied to Stranded players.
  • Fixed not being able to buy the White Belt item from Rusty.
  • Fixed not being able to use coins from purse or co-op bank using the Remote Perk Shop in Kuudra.
  • Fixed Pigs having a Chicken icon in Stranded Bestiary.
  • Fix Ragnarok cast ability (and all other Channeling skills) not cancelling when taking fall damage.
  • Fixed reforging items in the Hex sending you a confirmation message regarding the wrong item name.
  • Fixed the ability to buy multiple Enigma Soul's from from rift NPCs (and not receive another Soul).
  • Fixed the Crystal Hollows Portal item’s description not having the correct zone color for Crystal Hollows.
  • Fixed the levitation effect from consuming an Abiphone Contact Trio taking effect in places where abilities are disabled, allowing players to cheese certain mechanics.
  • Removed some more enchantment book recipes of enchantments that can be obtained through the enchanting table.
  • Fixed various issues in item descriptions:
    • Fixed a typo in Adaptive Armor's lore.
    • Fixed a typo in dialogue when contributing to community project.
    • Fixed a typo in the Living Metal item.
    • Fixed a typo in the lore of the Salvation ability on Terminator bow.
    • Fixed a typo in the Mole perk.
    • Fixed capitalization inconsistency in Drill Engines.
    • Fixed capitalization of 'Cobblestone' in Cobblestone Minion's lore.
    • Fixed grammar in Recall Potion.
    • Fixed setting toggle messages not using plural 'are'.
    • Fixed Wisp's Ice-Flavored Water Potion showing a placeholder for Vitality stat.
Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.1 - Chocolate Factory, Hoppity’s Hunt, and more! (2024)
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