Bloodborne: Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (2024)

The Blood-Starved Beast is the second optional boss players can fight in Bloodborne. The Blood-Starved Beast is quick and powerful, requiring the player to make use of their own mobility and to stagger the boss for visceral attacks as much as possible. Additionally, the boss oozes a poisonous aura that can drain the player’s health along with the swipes it lands.

At one pointinBloodborne, Gehrman tells the player about Holy Chalices and their connection to the tombs of the gods, also known as Chalice Dungeons. He says that though most still lay in the tombs under Yharnam, it is said one Chalices lies in the valley hamlet of Old Yharnam. If the player travels through Old Yharnam and into the valley hamlet, they will find an abandoned church, occupied only by the Blood-Starved Beast.

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Despite being an optional boss in Bloodborne, the player may still want to kill it, as they will be rewarded with blood echoes and the Pthumeru Chalice. The Pthumeru Chalice is the first and only Chalice players can acquire outside Chalice Dungeons, meaning the Blood-Starved Beast must be defeated if the player wishes to plunder the tombs of the gods. Taking down this boss will require the player to use well-timed dodged, well-timed parries, a few antidotes, and possibly an extra hunter to help.

How to Beat the Blood-Starved Beast

Bloodborne: Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (1)

One of the most important items the player will need for this fightinBloodborne are antidotes. Antidotes can be found around the game world, collected from defeated Carrion Crows, and bought from Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream. While the most reliable way of getting antidotes is from the Messengers, players are only allowed to purchase them once they have the Sword Hunter Badge, which is received after defeating the Cleric Beast, all the more reason to defeat optional bosses. Antidotes are used to remove poison status effects and poison build-up from the player. This is very useful against the Blood-Starved Beast as all its attacks will cause the player to gain poison build-up.

The fight against the Blood-Starved Beast is the first fightinBloodborne where the player cansummon another hunter for help. In the Cathedral Ward area, the player will find a lever that will move a tomb, opening access to Old Yharnam. In that same building, the player can find a man in front of a shrine. This man is Alfred, a hunter of Vilebloods. If the player speaks with him, a cluster of Messengers can be found to the right of the bottom of the stairs leading to the Blood-Starved Beast. This red patch of Messengers allows the player to use the Beckoning Bell and summon a helper to fight alongside them, at the cost of one Insight. In this case, the one summoned will be Alfred. Alfred will follow you into the church and fight the Blood-Starved Beast with you.

The main strategy the player will want to go for is parrying the Blood-Starved Beast’s attacks. While many of the beast’s attacks are fast, there are a few attacks that have long startups and clear visual cues. The most notable of these is when the Blood-Starved Beast lifts its right arm out to the side, holds it there, and then swipes. The player should keep an eye out for this move, as it is the easiest to parry.

For most of the beast’s attacks, the player will want to keep their distance. When they see the beast’s right arm raise, the player will want to close the distance a bit and time a shot from their firearm to hit just before or as the beast swings. Doing so successfully will stun the Blood-Starved Beast, leaving it open for a visceral attack. This is a moveBloodborne players should be using a lot by this point, or at least practicing. When shooting the enemy just at the right time, a special animation and audio cue will play. If the player presses themselves against the stunned enemy and attacks within its stun window, the player will perform a visceral attack, doing a ton of damage.

Along with visceral attacks, the player will want to make the most of their normal attacks. The Blood-Starved Beast has two weaknesses, one is fire. Like with the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, the player can use Oil Urns and Molotov co*cktails to deal a lot of fire damage to the boss. In addition to Molotovs, the player can use Fire Paper. Fire Paper can be found in Old Yharnam, and can be received from Alfred if the player chooses to cooperate with him. Fire Paper is used to apply a fire element to their current right-hand weapon for a set period of time. This will cause all the player’s attacks with this weapon, including visceral attacks, to also deal fire damage.

The second weakness the Blood-Starved Beast has isBloodborne's hidden serrated damage type. Weapons with the serrated damage type deal increased damage to Beast-type enemies, the Blood-Starved Beast being one of those Beast-type enemies. If the player uses the short Saw Cleaver, the Saw Spear, or the whipped Threaded Cane along with fire paper, they will be able to do a significantly increased amount of damage to the Blood-Starved Beast, ending the fight even quicker.

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Bloodborne is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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Bloodborne: Blood-Starved Beast Boss Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies) (2024)
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