Blood-Starved Beast | Boss Fights - Bloodborne Game Guide & Walkthrough (2024)

Last update: 11 May 2016

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- claw attack - few attacks which you may easily dodge although in the second part of the battle are lethal and poisonous

- strike and bite - whenever the beast is close to you she may catch your character and bite it after a few melee attacks what will instantly poison you what makes necessary to bring some Antidotes with you

- charge with a strike - boss runs towards the player's character and makes a huge swing what may be prevented sometimes even by a little jump without a full dodge

- poisoning - from the half of the battle every enemy attack will poison you what make even the slightest scratch quite difficult

- poisonous spit - in the last phase of the duel, when the enemy will have about one-third of his Hit Points he may spit with poison after standing motionless for a moment and the best way is to wait for its end in a safe distance


The first phase of the battle is easy and not really challenging. The boss will mostly attack you with his claws. Use a long weapon to keep him on distance. Use the fully-charged attack when he will get close to you what will both deal him a lot of damage and keep him away from you. Try to not use any Blood Vials or Molotov co*cktails since they will be useful later on when your enemy will drop to about half his basic Hit Points.

Blood-Starved Beast | Boss Fights - Bloodborne Game Guide & Walkthrough (2)

When the enemy gets close to you better be prepared for a mighty attack.

The second phase will be much more difficult. It will be dictated by the fact that after dropping to half his Hit Points Beast will start to poison your character with every attack. He may also catch you and gradually deal you damage. You should wear an attire with a poison protection suck as the Black Church set from the Cathedral Ward. Don't forget to bring a big supply of Antidotes as well as some Molotov co*cktails which will help you to finish the duel faster.

Blood-Starved Beast | Boss Fights - Bloodborne Game Guide & Walkthrough (3)

When the enemy will start to poison the player's character he will attack much more often and more aggressive.

Both phases of the battle are fairly similar although in the second phase the enemy will be more aggressive. Focus on striking Beast with the strongest attacks when he will get closer to you. In the first phase of the battle it will be rather easy however in the second phase you may try to focus on dodging since the enemy attack will be also poisonous. The most dangerous attack is a strike and bait. Attack mostly after the successful dodge. In the last part of the battle when Beast will have only one-third of his Hit Point sit will also start attacking with a poisonous spit. When he will stay in a place and start charging his attack go on a safe distance to keep you safe.

Remember to take with you a big supply of Antidotes and to take an armor with poison-protection. In the first phase use the mighty attacks and in the second phase the quick attacks to avoid being poisoned. Use some Molotov co*cktails. If you don't have at least 3 Antidotes you may find them laying with the corpse behind the alter. Remember to neutralize the negative effect of a poison before you will use a Blood Vial (the other way is viable only when you are really desperate). If you have the Pungent Blood co*cktail on you, you can try and lure the beast away, which buys you several seconds to attack or to heal yourself.

Note: As you climb down the stairs towards the chapel, you can spot a note to the right. If you have not fought Alfred, you can now summon him to help you in battle.

Reward: Pthumeru Chalice - you will use it with the Ritual Blood to make a Pthumerian Labyrinth Chalice Dungeon in the Hunter's Dream (Ritual Altar), 5600 Blood Echoes, lamp which you may use (Church of the Good Chalice respawn point).

Blood-Starved Beast | Boss Fights - Bloodborne Game Guide & Walkthrough (2024)
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